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in the ancient temple

a curtain separates the common worshippers

from the holy of holies


the curtain is blue

and has the following words embroidered on it:


"a problem has been detected

and windows has been shut down

to prevent damage to your computer"


anyone trying to get past it

to experience reality directly

without leaving their ego behind

comes up against a blue screen

and is forced to restart their life


a specific error message


acts as a guardian of the veil


bsods are caused by holding onto an illusion

the os version of reality

contains a faulty dialogue

binary thinking errors

and bad memory preventing self-realisation


a soul may be lost because

users are not given the chance

to save it before a crash

the temple displays an error message

a notification that the lost word document

cannot be recovered

divine love has been disabled


24-hour windows 98 support

is not the same as timeless reality

move past bill gates

to the altar and the sanctuary

windows server 2000

millennial kingdom

millennium bug

the final present fault 0c stack

2012 invalid task state segment fault


colours twisted in cunning work

upon the four plug sockets of silver

the four corners of the computer screen

event viewer here

event log there

error of a computer like no other


I am that I am

was heard from outside the chapter room

we were reading the words of the holy user agreement

three sojourners looking to debug the memory dumps

and escape the cycle of rebooting


the veil is an obstruction

but also an entrance

cherubim with flaming swords form a firewall

guardian angels can guard you

or guard against you


the role of the excellent master

is to perform a web search

to try to fix the problem

a four-veil ceremony

parameter 1

parameter 2

parameter 3

parameter 4

blue purple scarlet and white error codes


if an application crashes

it will have to restart the process

in the late 18th century

try booting in safe mode

water poured on the dry land and the keyboard

the blood of the suffering server

the candidate with a computer cable around his waist


now hear the words "holiness of the hardware problems"

the bible is debugged

you can get more information about the crash

and save it to the relevant bit of scripture

when logged in

as ‘mark master’ ‘excellent master' or 'administrator'


oh lord save our data

install truth — this may be it

on a computer

on a sunday evening

in the late 18th century

there is no real difference between

ancient and modern bsods


open the action centres

check for solutions

awaken the motherboard


it opens up the windows kernel

scans the device for malware

and purifies the user


at the moment of ideath

the screen is cracked from top to bottom

the glass veil of the word processor smashes

to reveal the knowledge behind the error message

the truth of religion is revealed

only when religion is destroyed

the truth of the self is revealed

only when the self is destroyed


if this is the first time you have seen this stop error screen

restart your computer


if this screen appears again

follow the steps...



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