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Shakespeare’s Hamlet turned into a comedy by replacing every consonant in the dialogue with an h, every i with an a, and every question mark and full stop with an exclamation mark. The end result is a script consisting of what sounds like peals of laughter interspersed with a few stage directions about dying, etc.


O, a hae, hohahao;
Hhe hohehh hoahoh huahe o'eh-hhohh hh hhahah:
A hahhoh hahe ho heah hhe hehh hhoh ehhhahh;
Huh a ho hhohhehh hhe ehehhaoh hahhhh
Oh hohhahhhah: he hah hh hhahh hoahe;
Ho hehh hah, hahh hhe ohhuhhehhh, hohe ahh hehh,
Hhahh hahe hohahaheh! Hhe hehh ah hahehhe!




Hoh hhahhh a hohhe heahh! Hooh hahhh hheeh hhahhe:
Ahh hhahhhh oh ahhehh hahh hhee ho hhh hehh!
Hhh hoeh hhe hhuh hohe hahheh!


Published 2014

by Gauss PDF


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